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Locker Hook Rug Class - Session 1 - Part 1

locker hook1.PNG

In locker-hooking, loops of fabric, yarn or wool are pulled through the open weave of a canvas and held in place by a hidden string that is pulled through the loops. One tool is used for both pulling loops through and pulling the locking yarn behind.

Locker hooking is done on a regularly spaced canvas; any design in a grid can be done in locker-hooking.

For this class students will learn:

How to prepare the canvass for their selected project size

How to transfer a pattern onto the canvas

How to select the best recycled materials for colours

How to cut or tear their selected materials for making their project

How to whip stitch their selected project

How to locker hook their project, how to tie on locker strings, how to hide the tails in their project upon finishing their project.

Session 1: July  9 - 7 - 9pm,      MAX 8 people

Jul 14 - 10am TO 4pm

Session 2:  Jul 23 - 7-9pm,         MAX 8 people

Jul 28 - 10am to 4pm.

Cost: $50 includes locker hook.  Mesh canvas is an additional cost, depending on size of project. ($5-20)

Please Bring:

Locker Hooking Yarn – cotton yarn used for knitting dish cloths

Fabric material - 1 inch wide strips of various colours to make the design combination chosen

Design or Pattern of choice

Sharpie Marker to draw or transfer pattern to canvass

SHARP scissors

Large eyed darning needle – blunt point not sharp/large, eye for 1 inch of material to be pulled through